Emily has given talks for clients such as Google, Pixar, MIT, and Texas Instruments. She's given two TEDx talks garnering nearly 500,000 views, and she's spoken in dozens of classrooms around the world. 

If you'd like to book Emily for a speaking event, please contact her manager, Kyell at kyell.thomas@octagon.com.

Emily is available to speak on the topics of space exploration, scientific literacy, and equality in STEM. Her previous audiences have included students K-12, college students, K-12 teachers, educational administrators, and the general public.

Emily can cater her talk to your audience, but in general, these are the topics that she's spoken on before.

  1. "Twitter Battling with Famous Rappers - and Other Adventures I've Had as a Science Communicator"
  2. "Inspiring STEM Literacy through Space Exploration"
  3. "The Importance of STEM Literacy"
  4. "How to Be an Effective Science Communicator"
  5. "The Benefits of Space Exploration"
  6. "Space Exploration for the Next Generation: Why Space Exploration is More Exciting Today Than Ever Before"
  7. "The Challenges in Getting Millennials Excited about STEM" 
  8. "How to Get Students Excited About STEM: How I Hesitantly Joined STEM and Why I Enthusiastically Stayed"
  9. "Why Pursuing a STEM Career is the Best Decision You Could Make"
  10. "More than a TV Show: Space Exploration, Science Communication, and Social Media"
  11. "Create a Story Worth Telling: Advice for College Freshman"
  12. "Don't Aim for Success: Three Pieces of Advice for College Graduates"
  13. "My Experience as a Woman in STEM"

Presentations can be tailored to various audience demographics and preferences.

If you are interested in booking Emily for speaking please contact Kyell Thomas at Kyell.Thomas@octagon.com.