Science Communicator Working to Get all Humans Excited About Science and Space Exploration

Emily Calandrelli

TV Host • Public Speaker • Author

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Emily is a professional speaker who has given talks for clients such as Google, Pixar, MIT, Texas Instruments, the Space Foundation, and many more. She's given three TEDx talks garnering over 700,000 views, and has shared her message of science and space advocacy in dozens of classrooms and universities around the world. 




Emily's new children's book series, the Ada Lace Adventures, is about 3rd grader Ada Lace. Ada loves science and technology and solves mysteries with robots and gadgets that she builds herself. 

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book 1
Ada Lace: On the case
ages 6-10

book 2
ada lace: sees red
ages 6-10

book 3
Ada Lace: Take me to your leader
ages 6-10

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TV and Media

Emily is an Executive Producer and the Host of Xploration Outer Space - a Saturday morning television show on FOX that airs in 100 million households each week. She is a correspondent on Bill Nye Saves the World, a series on Netflix. Emily writes and hosts the Lockheed Martin YouTube series "Spotlight Space." 

Emily has also appeared in many other YouTube series and television shows including Neil deGrasse Tyson's National Geographic series Star Talk, and on Discovery News. 



Emily shares her journey as a science communicator through
her social media channels on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram