Twitter #STEMchat With SciGirls About Engaging Girls in Science

I'm excited to be participating in another #STEMchat series on Twitter this Thursday from 9-10pmEST! This one is sponsored by the awesome PBS STEM show, SciGirls.

If you haven't heard about #STEMchat, they are essentially STEM-oriented Q&A sessions held on twitter. A handful of other panelists and I will be answering questions over the course of an hour. You can follow this conversation by searching for the hashtag #STEMchat! You can get involved yourself with your own answers to the questions that are posted! (Just make sure to use the hashtag #STEMchat.) The goal is to bring people together who care about STEM education and to share great ideas.

This #STEMchat conversation is sponsored by the PBS show, SciGirls. This Emmy Award winning show is geared toward kids ages 8-12 and showcases real tween girls conducting science experiments. They also have a really beautiful website to help engage their young audience that is worth checking out.

I love that science shows catered specifically to young girls exist. There is such a lack of women in media talking about STEM topics that we need an extra effort designed specifically for women and minorities. All children should be able to go online, or turn on the TV and find someone who looks  a little bit like them talking about math and science. Consider me a huge fan of the SciGirls series!

Find SciGirls on Twitter: @SciGirls

More details about the #STEMchat can be found below. See you on Twitter this Thursday at 9pm EST!

About #STEMchat

#STEMchat will take place on 5/21 from 9 – 10 PM Eastern.

We’ve got an awesome panel of grown-up SciGirls to help lead our #STEMchat on Citizen Science:

@SciGirlsSciGirls is an Emmy Award-winning PBS KIDS TV show, website and outreach program that seeks to change how girls think about STEM.

@CoopSciScoopCaren Cooper, a bird-loving biologist and blogger who is literally writing the book on citizen science.

@ScienceGoddessJoanne ManasterRead Science host, STEM advocate, biology lecturer, and former international model.

@TheSpaceGalEmily Calandrelli, promoter of science literacy, space exploration and equality. She’s also the host and producer of the Show Xploration Outer Space. Read herSTEM Girl Friday Feature.

@VeronicaEyeVeronica Arreola, a nationally-recognized professional advocate for girls and women in STEM who is also a speaker and writer. Read her STEM Girl Friday feature.

 @KimMoldofsky, the Maker Mom Founder who will be moderating the #STEMchat.