SpaceX's Second Attempt at First Stage Landing Today

Update (Monday, 4:40pm): Launch was scrubbed on Monday because a storm cell encroaching on the critical 10 nautical-mile circle of the launch. This launch will be reattempted tomorrow at 4:10pm EST! 


Today at 4:33PM EST, SpaceX will launch from Cape Canaveral to send up supplies to the International Space Station. In addition to this, SpaceX will attempt to land the 1st stage of their Falcon 9 rocket on an unmanned floating drone ship in the ocean. This will be their 2nd attempt at doing so in an effort to work toward a more reusable rocket, which could reduce launch costs in the future. The 1st stage landing is expected to take place roughly ten minutes after launch. 

Watch the launch live at the livestream below. Coverage starts at 3:30pm EST.

Emily CalandrelliComment