Xploration Outer Space Gets Renewed for Second Season

I am so excited to announce that my show, Xploration Outer Space, has been picked up for a second season! And not only that, but we’ve been picked up for four more episodes (seventeen total), which will make for a fun, busy year! It is so encouraging that a Saturday morning educational space show was so well received. Thanks to all who have watched and supported us throughout the year.

Another exciting piece of news is that I have been promoted to be a Producer for the show, which means I will be more closely involved in selecting content and booking shoots for each episode. There are a few different types of shows that we didn’t get to try out in Season 1 that I’d like to try out in Season 2. Specifically, I’d like to feature more space-related competitions, include more “debunking” of pseudoscience and conspiracy theories, and do a better job of highlighting researchers and students on my social media channels.

In general, I’d like to get more students involved and in front of the camera. I want to show off more STEM programs that engage students and highlight the incredible research and technologies that young people across the country can create. We did that a little in the first season. We’ll do it more in the second. 


Hey Space Community – Have a Project You’d Like Featured?

This show has worked well because those in the space community are excited about outreach and education. They have opened their doors, labs, and offices to us and for that we are forever grateful. If you have a project or program that you think should be highlighted on our show, please let me know (my Facebook, my Twitter). I love hearing your ideas! We are always looking for interesting projects that have a fun visual component to them. Let me know what it is, where it is, and what’s physically there that we can film!


Promoting Scientific Literacy – We’re In This Together

On a personal note, I am so thankful that I get another year to work on this program. STEM literacy is so important now more than ever before in history. Too many people believe the Earth was created 10,000 years ago. Too many people deny human-caused climate change. Too many parents are refusing to vaccinate their children. Our country needs science so desperately, and I hope to have the opportunity to contribute to science education for many years to come. Thank you for following the show and promoting science literacy in your own way.


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