Xploration Outer Space starts...now!

It was just nine months ago that I started working on a TV show, Xploration Outer Space, and this weekend the very first episode in the first season premiered! It is also available on Hulu!

But if you’d like to watch it live you can find out when it will be on in your city by searching for Xploration Outer Space here.

Creating this show has been such a wonderful learning experience and adventure.  We have most of the shows filmed and ready to go, but we are still traveling around the country filming segments for the later shows in the season!  

This first episode is all about Mars – What do we know about our hostile neighbor? How are we preparing to send humans there? Is there life on the red planet? 

To answer these questions, I’ll speak to experts in the field at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Ames Research Center, and the Mars Desert Research Station. You’ll meet the women and men responsible for safely landing rovers on the surface of Mars.  You’ll learn about the science conducted by these rovers. And finally, you’ll get an inside look into an isolation experiment called the Mars Desert Research Station and see how we are preparing to send humans to Mars!

Check out all of my behind-the-scenes photos for this episode here.

This episode is a ton of fun so make sure to check it out on Hulu – and watch out for the episode that airs next week, which is about Training Like an Astronaut.

Emily CalandrelliComment