Introducing: Xploration Station!

My production studio has publicly released a “sizzle reel,” which is basically a TV-industry word for trailer, for our four-show education block called Xploration Station! To watch it, head to my Facebook Fan Page (yes, that is something that exists now and it’s very weird to me), and give it a “like.”

Yea...I realize that "Public Figure" sounds kinda ridiculous, but Facebook only offers like 20 options and "Science Enthusiast" unfortunately wasn't one of them.

Yea...I realize that "Public Figure" sounds kinda ridiculous, but Facebook only offers like 20 options and "Science Enthusiast" unfortunately wasn't one of them.

What is Xploration Station?

 Xploration Station is a two hour block of science shows! My show, Xploration: Outer Space, is one of the four shows that take up this block.  A little bit about all four shows:

  1. Xploration Awesome Planet – a show that is all about Earth science. This show is hosted by Philippe Cousteau, the grandson of Jacques Cousteau.
  2. Xploration Outer Space – a show that highlights the coolest space projects around the country.  We visit NASA centers, private commercial space companies, and universities.  I’ll show off how students can get involved in space exploration and why space exploration is more exciting today than at any other point in history. Follow my updates on twitter @EmCalSpaceGal.
  3. Xploration Earth 2050 – a show about where future of technology is headed. This show is hosted by Joe Penna, aka “Mystery Guitar Man,” which is his YouTube persona – he’s a big YouTube star! And also an all-around nice guy.  I’m pumped for this show myself.
  4. Xploration Animal Science – a show about, well, animal science. Duh. This show doesn’t have a host, but is an Emmy nominated series, so it does pretty well on its own!


When will it air?

I’m told the premiere date will be the second weekend of September.  As soon as I have an official date, I will pass the info along!

The two hour science block will air twice on Saturdays and twice on Sundays, likely starting at 8am and again at 10am. It will be shown in about 75% of the country (about 85 million households).  My production studio is also working on getting it available for free online…stay tuned. J


How can you get involved?

For Xploration Outer Space, we have thirteen shows, each with a specific theme (Mars, the Moon, Astronaut Training, Asteroids, etc).  We certainly can’t fit all the important information about each of these topics in a short 30 minute show.  Because of that, I’d like to invite you to add your voice to the conversation using #Xploration! To those of you who are working in the space industry – this is especially relevant to you!! Tweet out links to related topics or just tweet out your opinion on things we mention in the show!

To those of you who have ever participated in student STEM programs that are relevant, I want you to tell us about them! Our primary audience will be high school students who are likely deciding which colleges to apply to and what degree to pursue.  YOU can help incentivize them to go into STEM programs. Tweet out your own experience in this field and help inspire the next generation of explorers, makers, inventors, and researchers.


Thank you!

I also would like to offer a sincere thank you to everyone who has supported the show and myself in this endeavor. This is all new territory for me. Because of that, I find that I am sometimes self-conscious about this new role! I like to think I am improving day by day, and that is due, in part, because of the love and support friends, family, and even my new twitter pals have given me. So thank you!!

I value your opinion, so if you ever have an idea that would help me improve, I am all ears!  The important thing here is that we spread important ideas and get as many people excited about STEM as possible!

Until next time….

Keep exploring space nation ;)