What You Can Expect From Our FOX Show - Xploration Station: Outer Space.


Space is huge (infinite?) and complex and sometimes confusing. The arena of “space” includes many things.  We can talk about the science of the universe and how we choose to explore it.  The space industry is incredibly diverse today and we want to cover the most exciting aspects of it.  So how does one begin to design an educational Outer Space show? Well we choose to start with questions. Big, simple questions. Questions that an inquisitive, too smart for her own good, child would ask.  Some of the questions we will address throughout our first season include:

  • Why do we care to spend billions of dollars to explore, learn about and one day live on Mars? How are we preparing to get there?

  • How does an astronaut prepare to live and work in outer space?

  • How are we searching for Aliens? Is it likely that there is life on other planets?

  • Do we really have to worry about asteroids?  How are we protecting the Earth from asteroids today?

  • What types of experiments are done in space? Why is it so important to do them in zero gravity?

  • Why did we go to the Moon? Are we ever going back? Who owns the moon?

  • What types of robots are going to help us explore space? Why do we need them?

  • Will we ever be able to take a vacation in space? What will that look like?

  • Why do humans explore space, in general? Would the world even be that different if we didn't spend billions of dollars sending things off our planet?

Our show will dive into the fun new world of space tourism, space hotels, one-way trips to Mars, space elevators, and asteroid mining. We’ll also be showing viewers what it’s like to train like an astronaut and what it would be like to live on Mars.  We’ll talk to experts who will explain the probability of life on other planets and how we are looking for extraterrestrial life today.  Our audience will get to see the most advanced space robots that NASA has developed to help explore space and the Martian and Lunar surfaces.  With each show, we’ll highlight the science and technology behind a given project so that people can walk away with a better understanding of how the universe works and why projects like these are so important.

To actually get the answers to these questions, we’ll travel to different NASA centers, private space companies, and universities.  We’ll speak with experts who know way more about these particular topics than myself.  I’ll be learning, you’ll be learning, and we’ll all be better for it.

Our very first filming will be a homecoming for me – we’ll be shooting an episode about “space balloons” with West Virginia University’s high altitude balloon team on the weekend of April 5th! Wish us luck!


If you have any other questions about space exploration that you find interesting and didn't see listed here – let me know on twitter: @EmCalSpaceGal 


Further brain food you, you too-inquisitive-for-your-own-good, lifelong learner you: